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Here is a new test build of the latest development snapshot. I thought this is a good time to make one, because IMHO this version is pretty solid and yet also contains many of the new features – so you have a very good incentive to try it out

This is the first release of TinyWall that does not require Windows Firewall anymore. You need not disable it (in which case just leave it in its default configuration), but it doesn’t matter much. Starting with this release, TinyWall is no longer just a GUI for the default Windows firewall, but instead it communicates directly with the filtering layers in the kernel. This huge change is what made most of the firewall improvements in the changelog below possible at all, while also bringing several security and performance advantages. But maybe most importantly, it allowed me to finally get rid of TinyWall’s annoying quirks that we all had to live with until now.

You should be able to do everything and more in this build that you can do in TinyWall 2.1. Still, this release is not feature-complete, so expect more new features to pop up before TinyWall 3 final comes out. But first I need a broader test to solidify the groundwork. So please help with the testing, assuming you don’t bump into any major issues, it’ll be worth it

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