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Maxthon Browser Beta
Visual optimisation:

+ Support MX4 skin function

+ Unify the whole browser UI

+ Optimised high DPI UI on sidebar

+ Status bar tools_options for hide and display changed to menu-UI-status bar

Functions optimised:

+ Optimised sign in process the first-time login Maxthon5

+ Optimised page display when directed from an external link without login

+ Support choosing which user data to be imported

+ Support choosing folders when importing data to Maxnote

+ More management options for icons on toolbar and sidebar

+ Entry for Maxnote on sidebar

+ Smart address can detect favourited sites

+ Support general identity

+ Optimized settings-tools & addons

+ Optimized settings-privacy & content

+ Optimized “send to” options when right click tab

+ Optimised resource sniffer function for YouTube

Bug fixed:

- Proxy setting problem on login page

- Passkeeper_” sync” button unusable without enabling Magic Fill

- Passkeeper_optimized data fault-tolerant processing, ensure user data integrity

- Passkeeper_help centre English copy revised

- Maxnote_support tab key to indent when editing the main body

- Focus lost after switching window in win10 system

- Have to right click multiple times to display options on video with mouse gesture disabled

- Display issue for LinkedIn

- Cannot open this site: https://micropyramid.com/

- YouTube display issue under full screen, retro mode

- Video buttons location issue under DPI 200%

- Some crashes


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