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Virtual DJ 8.0.2265

Build 2265 (14 May 2015)
-fix get_beatgrid action to match description
-fix decoding wma files when output samplerate is 192kHz
-fix for numark nv automatic deck selection of displays being wrong
-support for custom mixer order for 4 deck controllers
-new action effect_slider_active
-Fix video drawn not pixel-perfect in some cases with DirectX
-effects_used 'deck' and effects_used 'master' actions
-Fix prelisten crash when using prelisten after deleting or moving a file previously prelistened
-Fix browser_scroll not scrolling from correct location after dragging a song to a different location
-new action get_playlist_time
-Escape key works to cancel security load window
-Fix possible issue reading remix and remixer field from Ogg and Flac tags
-Fix check to ensure VirtualDJ is visible on screen
-Fix performance problem with Reverb and Phaser when track paused
-Fix popup alerts from config window hidden on Mac
-Fix config record file selector hidden on Mac

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