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Norton AntiVirus 2012

английская версия

19.8 contains the following fixes:

- Added full Windows 8 compatibility
- Performance enhancements for Internet Explorer 10
- Fixed a Symantec Service Framework error that may have occurred when changing firewall rules (forum thread)
- Fixed an issue where scanning large external hard drives showed only "1 file scanned"
- Fixed an issue where Identity Safe Cards fills the same locations for Country & County fields

This patch also contains fixes from the previous patch. Some of those changes included:

- Corrected the Google Chrome-specific issue where Norton Toolbar does not load when Google Instant is ON (link)
- Corrected the issue where customer is logged out of IDS despite setting a log out time of 15 mins (link)
- Better handling of login sites where username / password span multiple inputs
- Corrected an issue where the Password field was getting saved with "Password" string instead of customer input
- Corrected the issue where All logins listed in toolbar didn’t get refreshed unless the open browser session was restarted
- Corrected the issue where it was unable to change Identity Safe password
- Long passwords are accepted in recent Online Vault UI (link)
- Corrected the issue where customers remain logged into Norton Account even though they had unchecked Remember Password option from Create New Norton Account UI
- Corrected the issue where customers were not prompted to fill the card details using the saved data in IDsafe in My Account page (link)
- Corrected the issue where customer’s login got filled in the Edit Phone Numbers page in capitalone.com
- Corrected the issue where Last Submitted Login got autofilled when trying to overwrite the filled login (link)
- Corrected the issue where Update Password infobar does not appear when password is attempted to change for a saved login
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